Meeting Mac Miller changed my life forever. I love him.

I had to write a one page college essay on the person who has had the biggest impact on my life. I naturally wrote about my amazing mother.

Someone who has had the biggest and significant influence on me is, of course, my mother. My mom and I were always best friends and I can’t remember a time where we weren’t close. Growing up, my mom had to raise me by herself after my father had passed away in October of 2003. Although I was aware that I was being raised by only one parent, it hardly ever felt that way. My mom gave me enough love, support, and advice for not only two parents but maybe even more.

My mom is an incredibly strong woman who has been through a tremendous amount in her life. She shares everything with me and has never once lied to me about her past or anything I ask her. She has taught me to not only be real with others, but to be real with myself. To confront my fears, insecurities, and problems, and to embrace them for what they are. She has always told me, “if you confront your fears, no one can hold them against you.” I wisely listened to that advice and it molded me into the confident, independent young woman I am today. I learned that in order for you to fully and properly accept someone’s love, you must truly, genuinely love yourself and work with what you were given. I can proudly say, that with the help of my mom, I have accomplished that step in my life.

She’s also the reason why I have such a positive outlook on life and can almost always see the bright side to every situation, and, also, see both sides to every situation. She taught me at a very young age to appreciate everything I have, whether it be big or small, a lot or a little, good or bad. She taught me to never, ever judge anyone by their looks, their material objects, and, sometimes, even their personality. She would always tell me that I could be in that same situation tomorrow. Taking this into consideration, I realized how true it was. I came to realize that material objects do not make a man, man makes material objects. How big someone’s house is, what car a person drives, or what logo a person has on his clothes does not define who they are as an individual. All of that can be gone by tomorrow, and what will be left is who you truly are as a person. Yet again, with guidance from my mom, I learned this very important lesson.

Like many other people, my mom is my role model. I am so thankful to have such a smart, strong, independent woman as not only my mom, but my best friend. She shaped me into the woman I am, will become, and, in the future, raise my children to be. I can only hope to share the knowledge she shared with me with everyone I come across.

I usually love when people bring up Mac Miller while conversing with me. That’s my favorite thing to talk about. Except when I’m constantly hearing the same negative things all the time.

Why do you like him? He’s just a rapper. He’ll never know you exist. His music isn’t even that good. Macheads are stupid. His friends don’t know you either. They don’t care about the fans. You’re creepy. Twitter is so dumb. You spend too much time on him. You’re obsessed.

And it hurts, because believe it or not, I have feelings, too. It’s become very tedious, very repetitive, very annoying. At least once a day I get questioned about why I’m a fan, why I love Mac’s music, and why I’m “obsessed.”

Well, if I wasn’t surrounded by cretinous, shallow people, maybe I would be able to explain myself. I would be able to explain that Mac is not only “just a rapper” to me. I would be able to explain how just his mere existance makes me happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I would be able to explain everything, from day one, about how he saved my life, how his music is there when absolutely no one else is, how he, as an individual, has impacted my life more than 99% of the people I know.

Mac and his music help me cope with the stress in my life. I have literally been to the point where I thought everything was about to fall apart, where I thought I had nothing left to lose, where I was completely broken. But Mac and his music have gotten me through it and always will get me through everything. 

But, I don’t only depend on Mac when I’m feeling my worst. When I’m having the best day ever, all I want to do is listen to his music and my day automatically becomes ten times better. It’s an ecstatic feeling that I’ll never fully be able to explain.

And, on another happy note, by being a fan of Mac I don’t only get to witness his incredible success, his journey, and his life; I get the pleasure of becoming friends with macheads all around the world who have become such a huge part of my life. Macheads are the most prodigious, fascinating people I have ever come across. We all share our biggest interest and we all understand each other to some degree. I feel as if I can be myself around them and not have to worry about being judged. These people, who I’ve never met before, care more about me than people I’ve known for years. It’s kind of funny, actually. You’re surrounded by people who tell you to be yourself and express yourself in any way in which you choose, but the second you go below their standards of “cool,” they instantly change their attitude towards you.

Ironic how those same people who told me I would never meet Mac and that he doesn’t know I exist, and anything else you could think of that falls under that category, are the same people still trying to crush people’s dreams while I’m enjoying mine. 

Mac does know I exist. Mac does care about his fans. Mac loves us as much as we love him. Mac appreciates us and knows how much we love and care about him. I would love for someone that disagrees to try to prove that he doesn’t care about his fans. I honestly would.

But, anyway; Mac Miller, most dope, and macheads are what keep me going. They are the most beautiful people I know. Words will never be able to explain how much I love and care about all of them. I’m so incredibly happy to have come across such an amazing group of people.

Thank you all for being there for me. Thank you all for saving my life. 

GOD DAMN. Let me love you, you sexy motherfucker ;-)

GOD DAMN. Let me love you, you sexy motherfucker ;-)